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Swimming Tips for Kids: 5 Children's Swim Mistakes Solved

Teach Baby To Swim

Learn how to teach your child to swim

Swimming Tips for Kids

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Swimming Tips for Kids for the 5 most common swim problems

Swimming Tip # 1

Keep Legs Straight

Swim tips for kids

Keep Legs Straight

This is one of the most common swimming tip for kids I find my self repeating to my students. The natural tenancy for children is for children to bend their knees as they are kicking across the pool. As a swim instructor, or a parent teaching their kid to swim, we must teach and remind children to swim with their legs straight. One swim tip I can offer besides simply repeating “Legs straight” is to have your child or toddler grab the wall of the pool. Then use your your hands to move each leg up and down, making sure the legs are straight. This will help in your kid to know the proper swim kicking position.

Swimming Tip # 2

Keep Fingers Together on The Freestyle Arm Strokes

swim tips for kids

Keep fingers together

Keeping the fingers one each hand closed is important as straight legs while swimming. Luckily, there is a a fun swimming tip for kids to show your child this swim tip. Have your kid hold their hand palm facing up over the pool. Allow the fingers to be open. Use a bucket and pour water over your child’s hand to show how the water flows through the fingers. Do it a second time, with the fingers closed. Ask you child if they notice any difference as the water splashes and bounces around the hand. This visualization will be the swimming tip your kid needs to close fingers on the freestyle stroke.

Swimming Tip # 3

Breathing Reminders

swim tips breath control

Give verbal reminders for proper breathing

Some children need breathing reminders while they are swimming to keep their timing. If you can help your child breathe often they will have more energy to keep swimming. A quick swimming tip for kids is to remind them to breathe every 2 arm swim strokes. You can verbally say “Breathe” every 2 strokes and they will soon understand. This may take time to develop the strength needed to lift their head. Help them in the begining if neeeded with your hands.

Swimming Tip # 4

Fitting Goggles

The number one kid’s swimming complaint I hear as a swim instructor is “My Goggles…” A pair of goggles that fit well will keep stinging water out of the eyes. To make sure goggles fit well, try them on with out using the strap. If they suction on the face of the swimmer for more than 2 seconds, its a good pair.

Swimming Tip # 5

Make Each Swim Lesson Like Play Time

Swim Tips For Kids

Make Each Swim Lesson Feel Like Play Time!

Swimming lessons should be fun! But often, learning to swim ends up being something that kids are not looking forward to. To keep your kid interested in swimming, 25% of the time in the pool while doing swimming lessons. This is a fun and easy swimming tips for kids when you have the swimming pool games for kids article to use to help keep swim lessons fun and engaging your child.

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