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Swimming Pool Games for Kids

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Swimming Pool Games for Kids

Swimming pool games for kids

Here are four great ways to get your child to have fun in the water! You and your child will have a great afternoon of fun by playing along with these games! Swimming pool games for kids are fun! There are pool games that you can play with children that are able to swim. Make sure to always supervise your children in the water.

Play these Swimming Pool Games to Learn Swim Skills!

The American Psychological Association finds that play helps improve children’s “problem-solving ability, language development, social adjustment, communication and emotional development.” With all those benefits of play, it’s time to learn a few swimming pool games! If you don’t have a pool you can still play water games like “jump the river.” Swimming pool games for kids are a great way to spend the day and learn. Have fun!

Jump the River

Swimming Pool Games for Kids

This is an easy to set up game. All you need is a water hose and some kids to play with it. One person gets to hold the hose and the others get to jump the water stream coming from the hose. It is nice if there is an adult that wants to participate by holding the water hose.

The water hose is held at a level about three or four inches off the ground. Each child jumps the stream of water and the stream is raised by about an inch. The game continues until the water hose gets to the point that it can not be jumped it has to be crawled under. This game is similar to limbo except with a stream of water. Scavenger Hunt is another great swimming pool games for kids.


natacion juegos para ninosPeel the label off a clear plastic bottle with a white cap. Fill the bottle with pool water and have your kids stand out of the pool with their backs to the water. When they hear the splash from the bottle, everyone turns around and starts looking for the “invisi-bottle”. The bottle is the same color as the water and will be challenging to find! Good luck!

Shark In The Pool

This game is played like “tag” but each child can get out of the pool for 5 seconds at a time. The shark or the child who is trying to tag the others has to stay in the pool the entire time. If the shark touches one of the players, they become the shark. You can let the shark swim with fins in the water to make it more fun!

Scavenger Hunt

Gather a few favorite hard plastic toys and scatter them about the wading area of the pool, you may also want to put them on any steps near by.  Keep a bucket handy and walk around the pool with your child so that they can find the toys and put them in the empty bucket. It is also a good idea for you to stay close by in case the child slips or gets startled.

Remember the goal of the game is to get the little one wet and ready to move about the pool! So you want to make sure that you use toys that they are fond of so you can get them to move about the pool and collect up their toys.

Monkey on the Bar

This game is a great way to teach a child how to scoot around the pool by hanging on to the guard rails on the edge of the pool.

Let the child grab on to the bars and cross one hand over the other until the reach the end of the pool, than the adult (who has been behind the child along the way) swims the child by grasping the child by the waist and allowing the child to kick their feet and paddle with their hands back to the beginning of the bar.

The game of “Monkey on the Bar” will help you child to build confidence and to learn important swimming exercises.

Treasure Toys

Seat the child or children on the edge of the pool where they can hang on. Ask them to close their eyes then scatter the toys around the pool. You can proceed in one of two ways.

1.    You can call out each child individually and ask them to find a specific colored toy and than return to their spot with the toy and go through the group one by one.
2.    You can call out each child and give them a list of colored toys to find. For example you can say “Susie find a blue, green and yellow toy”. This method works better with older children.

I hope you have fun with the swimming pool games for kids! If you have a favorite pool game, share your fun story in the comments below.

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