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Swim Tips - Teach Baby To Swim

Swim Tips

Free swim tips from real instructors

Bath Toy Used To Get Your Child Comfortable With Water Around Face

How To Get Your Baby Comfortable With Water Around Their Face

by As a children’s swimming instructor, I get questions from parents who want to teach their baby to swim. Here is a common swim question I decided to write a post about: My son just turned 5 and has been through both private and group swimming lessons; however he does not want to put his […]

Swimming pool games for kids

The Preventable Tragedy: Pool Safety Setup For Children

by A family in my hometown is grieving. Neighbors responded to “screams of horror” during a family pool party last Sunday. Their two year old girl had wandered into the pool unnoticed. Police say the girl was only submerged in the pool for a few minutes before she was found. “That’s something that you’ll never […]

Teach Your Child To Kick in the water

The Video Swim Program Contest Winners And Your Final Chance to Win

by Less than two weeks ago, we started a contest to celebrate the release of our new Video Swim Programs this Friday, June 28th. The results were inspirational… Parent’s from all over the world joined in, taught their child a new swim skill and sent us a picture of the swimming lesson. I was thrilled […]

Teach Baby to Swim

Online Swimming Lessons

by Why Online Swimming Lessons? Hiring a quality private swim instructor or enrolling in a baby swim school has been the only two options to safely and effectively teach your baby swimming skills. We realize that good swim instructors are not always easy to find and that spending hundreds of dollars on swim lessons is […]

Swim Toys

2 Must Have Pool Toys for Summer (Plus: Make Your Own Bath Toy)

by Pool Toys: Summer is finally here! I encourage parents to use pool toys during swim lessons to keep each lesson fun and exciting for the children. I’ve hand picked my two favorite toys to help you have a little more fun in the pool this summer. Wet Products Dive Sticks Use these dive sticks […]


5 Questions To Ask Your Child’s Swim Instructor

by If you are thinking about hiring a swim instructor, it is important to pick the right one. (Or teach them to swim your self.) First of all, try to find a quality swim instructor by asking friends and family. An instructor with a trusted reference will increase your chances of a good swim experience […]

The Top 3 Causes of Drowning (And How You Can Avoid Them)

by Water Safety Guide for Parents From 2005-2009, there were an average of 10 fatal drownings per day in the U.S. Two out of the ten deaths per day were children. Today in 2013, drowning is still the #2 cause of death for children ages 1-4. (The number 1 cause of death is birth defects.)  […]

Swim Baby

The Advantage of Swimming Young

Many parents are starting their kids swimming at three years old or older. What parents do not realize that this is not young enough. In my experience the younger the better! When the child starts swimming at a younger age, they learn faster and have less fear about water.

Baby Swim Routine

Baby Swim Routine ABC’s

by Baby Swim Routine ABC’s You Must Learn Teach your baby to swim with a routine instead of one swim skill at a time. Remember teaching your baby the ABC’s? You probably sang the ABC’s together, clapped your hands and looked at pictures of the letters with fun drawings. Did you quiz your baby on […]

How NOT to Teach Your Baby to Swim: Avoid the 5 Mistakes All Parents Make

by “A Wise Man Learns by the Mistakes of Others, a Fool by His Own” I am proud to say have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of infants, babies, toddlers and kids how to swim. Every new baby swim lesson I have with parents in the water, I am always surprised to see the […]

Swimming Tips for Kids

Swimming Tips for Kids

In this article, I go over the five most common mistakes made by parents teaching children to swim: 1. Keep Legs Straight 2. Keep Fingers Together on The Freestyle Arm Strokes 3. Breathing Reminders 4. Fitting Goggles 5. Play Time

Learn how to swim online

Learn How to Swim Online

by Learn How to Swim, Online! Learning how to swim online at teachbabytoswim.com is simple. We’ll help you get your child swimming using two swim resources: Online swim lessons and the Online swim school. A good swim instructor has a strong understanding of baby swimming skills and patience. If you have the patience for your […]

How to Teach Swim Lessons

How to Teach Swim Lessons: Swimming Guide for Parents

Teaching children to swim is not just for swim instructors any more. Today, I’m proving that parents can teach their child to swim using the same knowledge every good swim instructor knows.

Swim Question?

7 Essential Swim Skills Your Baby Needs to Learn

by I will be celebrating my 7th year of teaching babies to swim this January (2013). After working with hundreds of eager little swimmers, I have identified the most important skills babies need in order to swim and be safer in the water. It turns out there are only seven skills a baby truly needs […]

Swimming pool games for kids

Swimming Pool Games for Kids

by Swimming Pool Games for Kids Here are four great ways to get your child to have fun in the water! You and your child will have a great afternoon of fun by playing along with these games! Swimming pool games for kids are fun! There are pool games that you can play with children […]

Group Swim Lesson

Baby Swim Group Lessons: Always a Good Idea?

by Should you pair up with other parents and babies to teach them to swim together? The question depends on your baby and teaching style. We break it down for your right here: Pro’s: A baby who is nervous of the water will relax when they see another baby in the water having fun. Great […]

Baby Swim

How to Overcome Fear of Water

by How to Overcome Fear of Water: a Guide for Children If your baby is new to swimming, chances are he or she is experiencing some level of water fear. The good news is there is a proven strategy for how to overcome fear of water. According to the American Psychological Association: Most parents believe […]

Baby Pool Floats

Baby Pool Floats: Why It’s Time to Trash Your Child’s Swim Aid

by Baby Pool Floats Get the Boot! Baby pool floats are all too common in today’s pools. Chances are, you are going to see a child wearing some swimming aid during your next visit to your local swimming pool. Weather it is the pool floats around a baby’s arms or the inner-tube float for infants, […]

Baby Swim Age

The Perfect Baby Swimming Age

by Baby Swimming Age Your baby is unique to every other in the world. And just like some babies are ready to walk or talk before others, some babies can swim sooner or later. The question of a perfect baby swimming age can be difficult. According to PubMed.gov, no exact age was determined but the […]

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