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5 Questions To Ask Your Child’s Swim Instructor

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If you are thinking about hiring a swim instructor, it is important to pick the right one. (Or teach them to swim your self.) First of all, try to find a quality swim instructor by asking friends and family. An instructor with a trusted reference will increase your chances of a good swim experience for your child. If you can’t find someone this way, these 5 questions should help your choice with a good swim instructor.

5 questions you should ask your child’s swim instructor

1) Where were you certified and are you insured?

Red Cross certifies many child swim instructors. If you’ve never heard of the place they were certified, write it down and give them a call. If they say they are not certified, time to move on. Insurance is also a must.

2) What is your teaching philosophy?

Listen for “swim lessons that go at the child’s pace” or “not forcing the child to learn new skills.” Make sure your new swim instructor will make the lessons “fun” so your child will enjoy each swim lesson. If it sounds too forceful, it could scare your child away from water.

3) How long until my child will swim?

This is a tough question. My opinion is every child learns at their own pace, but generally after the first lesson or two you can get a general idea. I never give an exact number like “by eight lessons they will be swimming!” This makes me think if they are “behind” on lesson number 6, they might try and move too quickly to catch up. This is never a good plan as it can scare your child.

4) Will the swim lessons be on a regular schedule?

If you can schedule your swim lessons so they are at the same time of day, your child will be able to adjust to the new lessons easier. It will help them get in a routine more smoothly, so ask for the same time if you can.

5) Would you mind if I called one of your current students for a quick reference?

If all other questions have you feeling confident in the swim instructor, asking for a reference can give be the deciding factor. If your not comfortable asking for a reference, check out there website for testimonials.

Good luck finding the perfect swim instructor and happy swimming!



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