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The Preventable Tragedy: Pool Safety Setup For Children

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A family in my hometown is grieving.

Neighbors responded to “screams of horror” during a family pool party last Sunday. Their two year old girl had wandered into the pool unnoticed. Police say the girl was only submerged in the pool for a few minutes before she was found. “That’s something that you’ll never forget.” said neighbor J.C. Mena about the screams from next door. Despite rescue efforts, the two year old girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Tragedies like this are preventable. Yet, drowning remains one of the leading causes of death for children under 5.

My mission is to change that.

You can help reduce the risk of drowning for your family. Here’s how:


Always supervise your children when around water. Designate more than one adult to watch children for more safety. Never let young children who are not strong swimmers be in the pool alone.


Many victims were last seen safe inside the home. Barriers provide layers of protection between your child and the water. Barriers start with door alarms in your house that alert you if someone has opened the door. Right now, the Poolguard Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm is the best seller for this category. Keep in mind to also monitor “Doggie doors” as well as all doors with access to your pool.

The barrier around your pool can be a non-climbable four-sided fence that latches out of reach of children. Many parents use this In-Ground Pool Safety Fence. One parent likes how sturdy the fence is, “The fence itself is tall, flexible and sturdy. My 40 lb son has flung himself onto the fence many, many, many times and it’s held up great and he just bounces off. We love it.”

Swim Lessons:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning for your child by 88%. But, never consider children “drown-proof” or “water-safe” despite age, swimming skills or pool safety features. This may lead to a lack of supervision or a false sense of security.


Pool alarms provide a final layer of safety for your children. They install easily on the side of your pool and alert you if a child has entered the pool. This is not intended to replace a pool fence, swim lessons or any safety precaution. It is simply a last-resort to alert you if a child has some how made it to the pool unnoticed. If your looking for extra pool safety, I like the reviews for In-Ground Pool Alarm: “We’ve had this alarm for about a month and have found it very easy to use with no false alarms. I’ve testing twice and it works great.”

One last pool safety tip: Make sure to pick up all toys from the pool area when you are done swimming. Toys left by the pool give kids a reason to want to go back to the pool unattended.

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