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Learn how to teach your child to swim

Learn How to Swim Online

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Learn How to Swim, Online!

Learning how to swim online at teachbabytoswim.com is simple. We’ll help you get your child swimming using two swim resources: Online swim lessons and the Online swim school. A good swim instructor has a strong understanding of baby swimming skills and patience. If you have the patience for your child, I’ll make sure you have the knowledge and confidence to teach your baby to swim! Here’s how we can help your baby learn to swim online.

Read our swim tips

Our swim tips page has tons of swimming articles made to give parents a solid understanding of how to teach swimming. We’ve got articles everything from getting rid of water anxiety to swimming pool games for kids. After you’ve looked over our helpful swimming tips, you and your child will be ready to get in the pool for some swim lessons.

Download and print Swim Lesson Plans

I’ve turned my entire swim teaching philosophy into a parent-friendly swimming lesson plans. Using these swimming lesson plans, you will be able to follow along step by step with expert instruction. I’ve included the most effective lessons and games that give children the skills to be safer swimmers. Teach like a pro with our pro-tips in each lesson, you’ll discover the teaching secretes of swim instructors that lead to guaranteed results!

Take Online Swim Lessons

If you’re looking for the most helpful teaching resource for learning how to swim online, the online swimming lessons are your answer. It includes the Swim Lesson Plans, as well as swim school video series to follow along. In the videos, you will see me teaching babies, toddlers and children how to swim using the same techniques in the lesson plans. This will add a deeper level of understanding and give you the confidence to teach your baby to swim like a pro.

Using our swim resources at teachbabytoswim.com, you can help your baby learn to swim online today!

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