Teach Baby to Swim

Online Swimming Lessons

by Why Online Swimming Lessons? Hiring a quality private swim instructor or enrolling in a baby swim school has been the only two options to safely and effectively teach your baby swimming skills. We realize that good swim instructors are not always easy to find and that spending hundreds of dollars on swim lessons is […]

Baby Swim Routine

Baby Swim Routine ABC’s

by Baby Swim Routine ABC’s You Must Learn Teach your baby to swim with a routine instead of one swim skill at a time. Remember teaching your baby the ABC’s? You probably sang the ABC’s together, clapped your hands and looked at pictures of the letters with fun drawings. Did you quiz your baby on […]

Learn how to swim online

Learn How to Swim Online

by Learn How to Swim, Online! Learning how to swim online at is simple. We’ll help you get your child swimming using two swim resources: Online swim lessons and the Online swim school. A good swim instructor has a strong understanding of baby swimming skills and patience. If you have the patience for your […]

Swim Question?

7 Essential Swim Skills Your Baby Needs to Learn

by I will be celebrating my 7th year of teaching babies to swim this January (2013). After working with hundreds of eager little swimmers, I have identified the most important skills babies need in order to swim and be safer in the water. It turns out there are only seven skills a baby truly needs […]

Baby Swim

How to Overcome Fear of Water

by How to Overcome Fear of Water: a Guide for Children If your baby is new to swimming, chances are he or she is experiencing some level of water fear. The good news is there is a proven strategy for how to overcome fear of water. According to the American Psychological Association: Most parents believe […]

Baby Swim Age

The Perfect Baby Swimming Age

by Baby Swimming Age Your baby is unique to every other in the world. And just like some babies are ready to walk or talk before others, some babies can swim sooner or later. The question of a perfect baby swimming age can be difficult. According to, no exact age was determined but the […]

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