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Learn how to teach your child to swim

The Perfect Baby Swimming Age

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Baby Swimming Age

Your baby is unique to every other in the world. And just like some babies are ready to walk or talk before others, some babies can swim sooner or later. The question of a perfect baby swimming age can be difficult.

According to PubMed.gov, no exact age was determined but the doctors surveyed “considered immunization essential before swimming in a public pool.”  So how do you know if they’re ready? Here’s your baby swimming age checklist!

Before your baby is ready to learn to swim, he or she must:

  • Be at least 6 months old
  • Be able to sit-up on their own
  • Crawl well or walk
  • Show an interest towards water in the bath
  • Not cry or scream when they are near the pool (If they are, see how to overcome fear of water)
  • Be able to relax when they are in the pool with you or a guardian

If your baby meet all the criteria in our checklist, they are usually ready to start to learn how to swim. The reason we say baby’s should be at least 6 months old before they are at the right baby swimming age is because of the baby’s development. At 6 months old, most babies have enough strength and muscle coordination to practice swimming. Use the baby swimming checklist to help judge if your baby is ready to learn to swim without relying on just your baby’s age.

Thinking About Teaching Your Baby to Swim?

This website is all about helping parents learn the smart way to teach their baby to swim. We’ve provided a checklist for you parents out there to help see if you’re ready to start instructing swimming. You need to be prepared for a few things if you are getting ready to teach your baby to swim. Here is your checklist!

Before you are ready to teach your baby to swim, you must:

Follow these guidelines to know when you and your baby are that perfect baby swimming age!

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