Teach Baby To Swim

Learn how to teach your child to swim

Baby Swim Routine ABC’s

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Baby Swim Routine ABC’s You Must Learn

Teach your baby to swim with a routine instead of one swim skill at a time.

Remember teaching your baby the ABC’s? You probably sang the ABC’s together, clapped your hands and looked at pictures of the letters with fun drawings. Did you quiz your baby on one letter at a time and stop until they understood that A comes first? Probably not. Learning to swim is the same way.

Baby Swim ABC’s
Just like the alphabet, when you teach your baby to swim always have a routine or pattern. The ABC song sounds the same way each time you sing it. Your swim routine should feel the same exact way each time you teach it.
There are 3 rules to follow for your baby swim routine:

  1. Practice each swim skill 3 times
  2. It’s ok if baby does not “get it” right away
  3. As long as your baby is not scarred or crying, move on to the next swim skill

Practice each swim skill 3 times

The goal of your first swim lesson with your child should not be to have them master it right away. In fact, the goal should be to just get your toddler familiar with the swim routine. If your baby is familiar with your swim routine, they will be more relaxed and ready to learn new water safety skills.

It’s ok if baby does not “get it” right away

Why do you move on to the next lesson when baby does not understand it? It will take a while for your young child to learn to swim. Just like learning the alphabet, you want to be able to practice it over and over with them until they can “sing along” with you. In this case, it might be swimming along with you.

As long as your baby is not scarred or crying, move on to the next swim skill

Here’s where you need to put your parent hat on. If your baby is crying, let them take a break. We both know that you don’t learn when you are upset. Grab a few of their favorite toys and play together or just get out of the pool all together. Come back to the swim lesson when your child is ready for the pool again. And remember, it’s like learning the ABC’s. Don’t get so hung up on learning one particular letter, allow them to get into the routine of singing along with you until they learn to spell. Or swim :)

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