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Baby Swim Group Lessons: Always a Good Idea?

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Should you pair up with other parents and babies to teach them to swim together? The question depends on your baby and teaching style. We break it down for your right here:


  • A baby who is nervous of the water will relax when they see another baby in the water having fun.
  • Great oportunity for playtime and social interaction for baby
  • Having a swim partner allows for variety to help keep each lesson engaging


  • Could lead to distraction, taking away attention from the learning process and swim skills
  • If babies are at different skill levels and ages, it can be difficult to swim together

If you choose to try group swim lessons, make sure you are always teaching the same lesson to the entire group. Having the group on the same exercise will reduce confusion. My advice is to try swim lessons out if you have another parent and baby with similar ages and swim skills. You can always go back to private lessons if you decide it is best.


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