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Baby Pool Floats: A Review of Best and Worst Pool Floats

Teach Baby To Swim

Learn how to teach your child to swim

Baby Pool Floats: Why It’s Time to Trash Your Child’s Swim Aid

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Baby Pool Floats Get the Boot!

Baby pool floats are all too common in today’s pools. Chances are, you are going to see a child wearing some swimming aid during your next visit to your local swimming pool. Weather it is the pool floats around a baby’s arms or the inner-tube float for infants, baby pool floats are enforcing the wrong habits for our young swimmers. This article is written to educate parents about the harmful side-effects of pool floats for babies.

Baby Pool Floats: Why they are Dangerous

The reason that swimming aids are create bad swimming habits is because of the vertical alignment.

baby pool floats

Correct floating position

In order to swim or float in water, we must streamline our bodies horizontally with the surface of the water. This gives us more of a “platform” to float on and creates less drag when we swim. Notice the girl swimming horizontal to the surface in the picture to the right.

Child Pool Float

Upright (incorrect) floating position

Now have a look at how the baby pool float keeps the child in an upright or vertical alignment in the water. If your child gets used to their pool floats from an early age, they will have a difficult time trying to adjust when they learn to float on their back in a horizontal position.


The baby pool floats give the child an option of only being completely vertical in the pool. Now since the baby has become so accustomed to keeping their bodies vertical, when it comes time to do lessons it takes them longer to learn to swim. The child will have a very tough time putting their bodies horizontally which is essential for learning how to swim.

Baby Pool Floats: Your Two exceptions

  1. There are some fun floating aids for infants to float in the pool with the family, and these are okay once in while! If it helps bring your baby safely around water, they can help get your child more comfortable in the water. If you do use these floats for your infant make sure to alternate pool time with or without the baby pool floats.
  2. Baby Pool Float

    Safe Baby Pool Float

    I have seen one model floating device for the baby’s chest that does not keep the child completely vertical. If you use a baby float that keeps your child horizontal at rest, it can be a nice tool to supplement your swim lessons with. Again, make sure to alternate pool sessions with and with out the the baby pool floats.

I recommend if you would like to have yourself a young swimmer you do not use any floating devices at all. And yes it does require more work for the parent but when you work hard, you get amazing results!

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