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7 Essential Swim Skills Your Baby Needs to Learn

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I will be celebrating my 7th year of teaching babies to swim this January (2013). After working with hundreds of eager little swimmers, I have identified the most important skills babies need in order to swim and be safer in the water. It turns out there are only seven skills a baby truly needs to master to swim. This is what inspired me to create this Online Swim School; If parents had access to the right instruction, they could help their child learn to swim using the 7 skills. Without further adieu, here are the 7 skills to swimming:

• Skill 1: Safe Wall Approach
• Skill 2: Breath Control
• Skill 3: Safe Immersion
• Skill 4: Floating
• Skill 5: Jump In, Find Wall (Fall-in technique)
• Skill 6: Basic Arm Stroke
• Skill 7: Swim Conditioning

If your baby is comfortable with these 7 skills, they will be safer if they fall in the water. These are the essential lifesaving skills used in real-life situations to protect the lives of our children. The best thing about these skills is parent’s are able to teach these skills. I highly recommend hiring a swim instructor, but if you choose to teach your baby to swim, educate your self to help your baby become safe. The Online Swim School prepares parents to teach their child to swim using video instruction from myself, and my certified swim school lesson plans. You will be ready to teach your baby to swim with confidence.
The Online Swim School is designed to give parents the tools needed to be effective swim instructors for their baby. This course includes 7 video lessons and 7 printable lesson plans. The videos and lesson plans can be downloaded and viewed on computers or iPads. If you would like to learn more about the online swim school click the link. If you would like to take a look at our certified swim school lesson plans click the link.

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