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2 Must Have Pool Toys for Summer (Plus: Make Your Own Bath Toy)

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Pool Toys: Summer is finally here!

I encourage parents to use pool toys during swim lessons to keep each lesson fun and exciting for the children. I’ve hand picked my two favorite toys to help you have a little more fun in the pool this summer.

Swim ToysWet Products Dive Sticks

Use these dive sticks to help young swimmers get more comfortable with water around their face (and learn to count!)

Just place the dive sticks starting on the most shallow pool step and let your child count out each one as they grab the dive sticks. Gradually work on lower steps to help your child become more comfortable swimming underwater.

I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival to find that not only are they are fairly priced, but also of impressive quality. These are colorful, flexible, almost rubber-like plastic with numbered ends. There is no “filling” to be spilled and they are not made of a plastic that will easily crack and break apart. These will take some real work to break. – Review from Amazon


pool toys for childrenSwimways Toypedo Bandits

This toy is great for older swimmers who can hold their breath underwater. Pass them back and forth underwater with a good set of goggles for a fun new game in the pool. Try them out in the bathtub for younger swimmers. This toy is popular for a reason, kids everywhere love to play with these Toypedos.

I don’t know why or how, but every time my 4 year old son goes to the pool or on vacation 99% of the other kids want to “borrow” these. – Review from Amazon

Remember, to clean up all toys from the pool area when you are done to prevent children from wanting to go back to the pool area untended.

Have some fun during your swim lessons this summer!

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite pool toy you would like to recommend.

Pool Toys For Summer

Bath Activities for Kids

Make Your Own Bath Toy

I saw this great do-it-yourself bath toy idea from Bath Activities for Kids. This is a great way to make bath time fun and help your child get used to water splashing around their face. Building this fun bath toy will help your child become comfortable with submerging their head in the water during your swimming lessons.


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